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So, some thoughts

So, some thoughts

I am 27 years old and the last 2 years have been rough. I got fat, started a new carrier path, and neglected some friends and personal projects. The reasons don't matter for now. The thought that my life already peaked at 25 is terrifying. At this point, it should be clear where the name of the blog is coming from.

I need to change

I am proud of things I have done in my life and I am really missing this feeling of feeling proud and accomplishing something.

I don't have any specific goal in mind at this moment, but I know the direction. I don't plan to achieve x in y days. I rather work on habits to improve my life far beyond one goal.

Why I created this project

I need to practice my writing and English, so I thought it would be a great project to share my progress and write more often. I won't post daily, but whenever I feel like doing it.

And the thought that I could motivate anyone to do better and get motivated is pretty motivating for me.

That was not my peak!