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Day 02: Looking for distraction

The second day

My brain has been craving fast and easy dopamine the whole day. No sugar, no fast food, no youtube videos, no streams, no social media. Over and over again, I had the urge to grab my phone and waste time on Reddit, Twitter, or start a random YT video. There was no reason for it. It is a simple habit. In preparation for this project, I haven't bought any snacks or fast food, which was a great decision. My brain signaled that I am about to starve if I don't order any fast food, but I guess rice with fish is the new go-to.i

I have to keep in mind, that is only the second day and, I have to remember why I am doing this. I have already accomplished more this day than I normally would have and, I am pretty happy with this result. I need to keep the momentum.

1024 days until my 30th birthday...

and guess what domain name I just registered: This is the name of my new and big project, which will contain smaller projects like this detox project I am currently doing.

At least for me, the 30th birthday feels special in a weird way. I am not 100% sure about the reason, but I think that I need to get my shit together at this point. I am pretty sure I will create a separate blog post about this topic.

I have some ideas in mind and will keep you up-to-date.

I wish you all a great Tuesday!