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Day 01: I have to start at some point

Let us begin with the fact that I switch from to a self-hosted solution since is developing in a direction I do not want to support.

Status Quo

I am unhappy with my current situation. I am overweight, I waste a lot of time watching movies/ series, playing video games or social media and I spend money without thinking.

This has to change now! - I have a ton of goals in mind I want to accomplish in the near future and 'being a lazy piece of shit' is not the way I can do it. I know what I am capable of so it hurts twice if I see my potential being throw away by me.

The start is the worst part

This is part of a bigger project I have in mind, but I can't yet speak about it since I have to think about it for some time longer. To begin with, I am going to start this small project by today (has no name yet).

The next 30 days...
no sugar
no fast food
less meat and animal products
water+coffee+tea only!
try to drink at least 3l of water daily
don't watch tv/videos/streams alone
fuck social media. Just visit this shit once per day.
create a budget book
find my most important goals
meditate daily
write daily

You could call it a detox project. My thought is that I am getting so bored that I only can work on my other projects and develop a habit from it. This is the plan. We will see how this works.

I don't plan to update you daily, but we will see. I try to publish a blog post once per day, but with different topics.

What are my goals here? I am not sure. Just enjoy the ride.