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Everything is going for me

Everything is going for me

Yesterday I visited the Doc for a check-up and everything is okay. Pretty great news if you ask me. There are just minor things which are related to my overweight, so they will disappear as soon as I lose weight again.

The last check-up was like 4-5 years ago and to be frank, I was quite nervous.

My eating habits must change

Since the start of my small project, I had been cooking every day. At least in my opinion, I am a pretty decent cook, but there is still this craving to eat something else: fatty and sugary things. I eat enough that I am full and yet I am hungry and feel 'the need' to eat more. It seems my healthy, self-cooked food is too boring for my stomach/ brain. I think I need some time to get used to it.

Moving my fat ass

I couldn't sleep and went for a walk at 3 am. I just had the desire to go out and walk. I didn't plan to run but ran half of the distance and I survived. I wasn't even sore the next day and felt great. I most likely will do it again. Maybe to a different time tho.

Nevertheless, I don't try to limit-test my physical fitness. I need to lose weight before I should do it to minimize the risk of injuries.


For know, my diet is my biggest challenge. Cooking every day, buying the right food, ignoring snacks wherever I am, and so on. But, I know the reason why I am doing this:

This was not my peak!